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NHS Accredited Ear Wax Removal Specialists Near Port Glasgow

Our clinicians are NHS Accredited and regulated. They are qualified not only to remove ear wax, but to diagnose ear conditions. This may include where appropriate regimes for self treatment with over the counter medication, clinical email to your GP, ENT referral or Audiology referral. This is all included within your appointment cost of £60 which includes wax removal on the day for both ears.

Ear wax removal procedure16_edited.jpg

Home Visits

Home Visits can only be booked by telephone as there are no set appointment times. Stephen will take your details and call you back with availability.

NHS Registered National Trainers

We provide NHS Accredited Training and Mentoring Courses in Scotland & Cumbria to both the NHS and the private sector. Our courses are certified by The Rotherham NHS Centre for Clinical Excellence.

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