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Frequently Asked Questions

How much Does it cost?

An appointment consists of:

  • A Consultation

  • Ear Wax removal if necessary

  • An Ear Health Check

  • Any necessary clinical emails needing to be sent

If you do have Ear Wax then this will be removed at the appointment and often that is all that is required.


Sometimes the issue is not Ear Wax or if it is then there can sometimes be other problems. This is why an Ear Health Check is provided.

If during your ear health check any other issues are found then it will be explained how to deal with these with over the counter medication.

If any issue is found which requires further treatment then a clinical email will be sent to your Doctor requesting an ENT referral.

Cost of the above Standard Appointment £60

If I do not have ear wax will I still be charged?

We presume you will have booked your appointment due to an issue with your ears.

If your problem is not ear wax then you may have some other issue. This can often be identified during your ear health check. 

The Clinician will explain how this can be dealt with at home with over the counter medication.

If this is not possible and further treatment is needed then a clinical email will be sent to your Dr. explaining their clinical findings and requesting an ENT referral.


As you can see, Ear Wax Removal is only a part of an appointment.

If it is not ear wax then it makes our job more difficult but we are still here to help.

Often we will advise a course of treatment and call you back to asses your progress at a later date, usually at no charge. We are also available over the phone to advise you along the way.

The Simple Answer is YES 

I have an ear infection,

Can I still have Ear Wax  Removed?

The simple answer is yes and no!!!

Ear Wax may be removed by either Microsuction or Irrigation for an ear infection as recommended by NICE guidelines


As with all healthcare the situation must be assessed on an individual basis and in some extreme cases it may be better to use antibiotics first

It is beneficial to remove the Ear wax so topical rather than aural antibiotics may be used, as this means the antibiotic can be applied directly to the sight of the infection.

If there is a site of infection it is preferable that the site is cleaned and cleared of any debris including Ear Wax. This gives a clean site and the ability for the antibiotic to work more efficiently.

Our specialists are exactly that, specialists. They have chosen to deal specifically with ear healthcare. They have a vast amount of experience and are able to asses each situation on an individual basis.

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