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About Us


Trusted with over 18,440 ears and with over 833 reviews on Google & Trustpilot. 

Our Dedication

At EARS clinics, we are dedicated to providing medically qualified, specialist ear healthcare services that adhere to the highest standards. With a foundation built on over twenty-five years of experience within the NHS framework, our team brings a deep understanding of the evolving needs and trends in healthcare. In recent years, we have observed significant changes in the treatment and demand for ear wax removal, with Microsuction and Irrigation emerging as the preferred methods aligned with NICE guidelines and NHS best practices.

Driven by a commitment to specialise in the care and treatment of ear and earwax-related issues, our team has undergone rigorous training. Our qualifications, including Diplomas in Primary Ear Care from the renowned NHS Trust Foundation Centre of Clinical Excellence, ensure that our treatments are NHS accredited. Our role extends beyond treatment; we are national trainers, delivering courses that uphold the highest standards. As such, professionals in both NHS and regulated private clinics performing these procedures are ideally trained by us for the highest standards of care.

Our Clinics & Procedures

Our clinics offer more than just ear wax removal. We recognise that ear wax is a natural and essential component of ear health. However, when it becomes problematic, removal may be necessary. Should ear wax not be the underlying issue, our approach involves a comprehensive consultation and advice on ear care, aiming to improve or resolve any concerns you may have. For cases requiring further medical expertise, we offer guidance and support in obtaining the appropriate referrals, whether this be your GP or ENT specialist.

We believe that hearing is a precious sense that warrants exceptional care. The ear, a marvel of biological engineering, is complex and deserves as much attention as we afford our eyes and teeth. At our clinic, our mission is to excel in our field. We are here to support and guide you through every step toward finding the best solution for your ear health needs.

Trained Aural Care Specialists 

EARS Clinics are NHS Accredited Aural Care Specialists, specialising in Ear Health Care and Ear Wax Removal in Glasgow & Edinburgh. Our practitioners are trained in all approved methods for wax removal in both adults and children, these include Microsuction, Irrigation & Instrumentation procedures.


Our lead practitioner holds the unique distinction of being the sole Accredited Trainer for The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust in Ear Health Care and Wax Removal across Scotland and Cumbria. As such, professionals in both NHS and regulated private clinics performing these procedures are ideally trained by us for the highest standards of care.

What our patients have to say

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Hear Like a Hero

Don't suffer in silence. We often have same day appointments available and are open 7 days. Lets get you hearing again!

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