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Hello and welcome

Why we created EARS

To provide a medically, qualified, specialist healthcare service to the very best standards.

Having worked in the NHS for twenty five years Diane has gained a strong understanding of the developing needs and trends in Health Care.

Over the last few years the treatment and demand for Ear Wax Removal has changed considerably.

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Clinical lead Nurse


Diane Hodge

NHS Accredited National Trainer

Providing Microsuctiion, Instrumentation & Irrigation courses from The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

NHS Accredited Aural Nurse Specialist

Diploma in Primary Ear Care from the Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust Centre of Clinical Excellence

BSc Nursing

from Glasgow Caledonian University (1997)

RGN Diploma in Nursing

Registered General Nurse (1997)

NMC registered

the National Midwifery Council

The present treatments which are considered Nice and NHS best Practice are Microsuction and Irrigation.

The specialist procedures now used for Ear Wax Removal have made a general procedure become a specialist discipline.

To this end Diane decided to specialise in the care and treatment of the Ear and Earwax problems and complications.

Diane qualified from The Rotherham NHS Trust Foundation Centre of Clinical Excellence gaining her Diploma in Primary Ear Care making her treatments NHS accredited. Diane is also a National Trainer for Rotherham delivering their training courses both to the NHS and private Healthcare

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Our clinics do not simply deal with the removal of Ear Wax. In fact Ear wax is natural and a necessary presence for the health of the ear.

However, where it presents a problem it may need to be removed. 

If Ear wax is not the problem then we will discuss and advise you on how to care for your ears to help to improve or solve your problem.

If your problem needs the attention of other medical expertise we are happy to help you find this treatment through a referral.


The sense of hearing is a very special gift and deserves the best of care and attention.

The ear is an incredible piece of biological engineering and more complex than you would believe.

We have our eyes and our teeth checked regularly. 

Our ears should be the same.

Our aim at Ears is to be the very best at what we do.

We are here to help you every step of the way to find your solution.

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