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Ear Health Checks

Please note that if you have an Ear Health check and then need Ear Wax removed the cost of the Ear Health Check is removed.

What are they all about?

First Your Nurse Specialist will guide you through a series of questions. These will be about your present health and any past medical history which may be relevant to your symptoms.


Then she will make a thorough inspection of your outer and inner ear. A microscope or loupe will be used so your Nurse Specialist can see directly into your inner ear. She should if all is clear be able to see right up to your eardrum. The Nurse will also use a camera which will give a live feed onto a screen. You may watch this if you like, though you don't have to.

This will determine if you do have earwax which should be removed and which is the most suitable procedure. It will also enable your Nurse Specialist to advise you on any other irregularities in your ear canal or ear drum which may be causing problems. 

Everything will be checked and explained in terms which you are able to understand.


And don't worry.

Your Nurse Specialist is there to help and advise you along the way.

Even if you require further treatment, which is outside of our services, she will make sure you know what needs to be done next and how.

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