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Specialist Ear Wax Removal for Kids

Our team of Aural Care Specialists provide wax removal for children of all ages. EARS Clinics are among the few licensed clinics in Glasgow and Edinburgh, trained for ear wax removal in children. Don't let you child suffer in silence.

Cost £60 (1 or 2 ears) Including Free Ear Health Check 

Please call to book an appointment for under 18's

ear wax removal for kids/children at ears clinics glasgow

Trusted with over 18,440 ears and with over 833 reviews on Google & Trustpilot. 

Spot The Signs of Ear Wax in Kids

Key indications and symptoms that suggest your child might need ear wax removal include:

  • Diminished Hearing: Reduced ability to hear, which can affect one or both ears.

  • Discomfort or Pain: Any level of discomfort or pain within the ear, potentially indicating wax build-up.

  • Fullness or Pressure: A sensation of the ear being clogged or under pressure, commonly explained as feeling underwater.

  • Tinnitus: Persistent noises such as ringing, buzzing, or humming in the ear, not caused by external sounds.

  • Dizziness: Experiences of unsteadiness or vertigo, suggesting inner ear involvement.

  • Itchiness: Persistent itching in the ear canal, which might lead to scratching and further irritation.

  • Ear Infections: Recurrent ear infections, which can be exacerbated by trapped moisture due to wax blockage.

  • Odour or Discharge: An unusual odour or discharge from the ear, which might indicate an underlying issue.

  • Coughing: Reflex coughing triggered by irritation from ear wax pressing on the vagus nerve.

Additionally, if your child is scheduled for a hearing test, it's highly recommended to undergo ear wax removal beforehand. Excessive ear wax can obstruct the ear canal, preventing the accurate assessment of their hearing capabilities. Without clear pathways, the hearing test may not be completed successfully, and the results could be skewed, leading to inaccurate diagnoses or recommendations. Ensuring your child's ears are clear of wax helps in obtaining precise hearing test outcomes.


During your consultation, we assess these symptoms and examine your childs ears to determine the necessity and suitability of ear wax removal.

Can All Children Get Ear Wax Removal?

As the procedure is carried out within the ear, all patients must be able to sit still and follow instruction.

Children can safely undergo ear wax removal, provided they are of an age where they can remain relatively still during the procedure.


Our clinic offers a child-friendly environment and techniques specifically suited to younger patients, ensuring their comfort and safety throughout the process.

If my child can't sit still will I still be charged?

If a child cannot remain still, we may not complete the procedure for safety reasons. In such cases, full payment is required as the appointment slot is fully allocated to the patient, involving preparation, staff time, and facility use. However, we understand the unique challenges with young patients and offer a complimentary follow-up appointment to successfully complete the procedure when the child is more prepared.

Regulated Aural Care Specialists

EARS Clinics are NHS Accredited Aural Care Specialists, specialising in Ear Health Care and Ear Wax Removal in Glasgow & Edinburgh. Our practitioners are trained in all approved methods for wax removal in both adults and children, these include Microsuction, Irrigation & Instrumentation procedures.


Our lead practitioner holds the unique distinction of being the sole Accredited Trainer for The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust in Ear Health Care and Wax Removal across Scotland and Cumbria. As such, professionals in both NHS and regulated private clinics performing these procedures are ideally trained by us for the highest standards of care.

What if my Child Needs a GP or ENT Referral

Once the wax removal procedure has been completed, the practitioner will perform a thorough ear health check. If you child's ear health check highlights any other complications we will explain how to self treat at home or if further action is required we will liaise with your GP/ENT.

What our patients have to say

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Hear Like a Hero

Don't suffer in silence. We often have same day appointments available and are open 7 days. Lets get you hearing again!

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