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Ear Wax Removal for Children


We only take appointments for under 18's over the telephone.

To book an appointment please call Stephen on our number and he will be happy to explain and book you an appointment.

As the procedure is carried out within the ear all patients must be able to sit still and follow instruction.

If the patient is unable do do this the Clinician would not be able to proceed.

However, we would still charge.

As the appointment has been taken.

Any Patient must be able to sit still and follow instruction

All our Clinicians are NHS
Accredited Specialists

All our staff undergo over a year's training before they become a Specialist.

As part of every appointment we provide an Ear Health Check.

If any issue is identified you will be advised how to deal with the condition with over the counter medication.

Ear Health Care Included

ENT Referral

If you have a condition which requires an ENT referral your Clinician will send a clinical email to your GP requesting an ENT referral. This is included within the price of your appointment.

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