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NHS Accredited
Ear Wax Removal 
Aural Health Care

As Registered National Trainers for The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

we deliver their courses with all documentation and



We teach NHS accredited, multi award-winning training courses from The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust. Attendees will receive certificates from Rotherham either for attendance or competency.


The courses are taught by Diane Hodge our Clinical Lead who is a Registered National Trainer for The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust for both Scotland and Cumbria. You can check this information by clicking on the link below.

The Rotherham National Trainers List


Diane is an experienced Registered Specialist Nurse Practitioner with 25 years of experience who also runs her own private healthcare business.


Her clinics offer not just ear wax removal but also ear health care. She is highly respected in her field and receives referrals from ENT surgeons, General Practitioners, Pharmacists, Audiologists and other wax removal clinics.

Her Clinics are licensed to treat patients (including children) and are regulated by Health Care Improvement Scotland which is the legal requirement for private healthcare in Scotland.

Available Courses

Microsuction Course
Study Day

Clinical Competencies Mentorship
& or
Irrigation & Instrumentation

Clinical Competencies Mentorship
The Rotherham National Diploma 

Practical Study Day

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