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Clinical Competency Mentorship
& or
Irrigation and instrumentation
Study Days


A one to one Mentorship Day where candidates will work through all elements of their Clinical Competency booklet under direct supervision and guidance.

This full day will help to consolidate your learning and help you to build confidence when carrying out Microsuction, and or Irrigation and Instrumentation.

The day will consist of the following:


Practical sessions - practice your skills using our training heads. This will help to build your confidence and develop your depth perception. This will help to give you an understanding of the challenges you may come across and make the right decision when implementing care. 

Candidates will also provide a suitable clinical setting where they will ideally provide ten patients:


For five patients they will observe the procedure of Microsuction and or Irrigation & Instrumentation

For five patients they will carry out, under supervision. the procedure of Microsuction and or Irrigation and Instrumentation.

N.B. Where this is not achievable the minimum number of patients accepted by Rotherham is FIVE in total. If this is not achievable then candidates may request the training to be carried out at one of our clinics where we will provide the patients. This clinic has a microscope where the procedure can be watched a monitor and recorded for training purposes.

Record keeping - this will reinforce the importance of accurate record keeping, full assessment, decision making and rationale for treatment.


Scenario sessions - these sessions will allow you to assess your knowledge and implement this into your practice. The scenarios will encourage you to think about real situations and become confident when assessing, planning and implementing patient care.


The day will end with Q&A - we will answer any questions you may have in relation to all of the procedures.

If you feel you require further practice or training prior to this Mentorship Day then you may benefit from one of our Practical Study Days.

Clinical Competency Mentorship cost £1,275.00 per candidate

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