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Select a clinic below and book your appointment time slot.

Standard Clinic Appointments charged at £60 (1 or 2 ears)

Please See Below For Pricing

Normal Rates

Ear Wax Removal

Cost: One or Two Ears £60

Normal rates apply to appointments within opening hours at either of our clinics. 

Emergency Appointments

Cost: Dependant on Booking

If you have an emergency and we can give you an appointment within our normal hours then there will be no extra charge.

If you are seen Out of Hours or require a Home Visit then those rates will apply.

Home Visits

Cost: £150 flat Rate

Only available by appointment. Please Call. Home visits are available on request. However, they are strictly for house bound clients.

Normal Rates

Out of Hours

Cost: £90 flat Rate

Out of hours appointments are available only by appointment. Please Call.


Cost: £30

A referral will document all clinical findings and include images where necessary.

Foreign Body Removal

Cost: £80 flat Rate

Please ring for advice before you attempt any treatment.

If you know or think your problem is due to Ear Wax then we can help.

If you know or think your problem is due to Ear Wax then we can help. Either with help, advice or treatment. We are happy to answer any questions either before during or after your treatment. Even if you don't use our services. We will be continually updating our website to help everyone. 

Below are frequently asked Questions to help you with your booking.

How quickly can I get my ear wax removed?


  • Straight away.

  • Book an appointment, turn up and we will remove your Ear Wax.

What if I don't like the procedure?


  • You may stop any procedure at any time.

  • Your Nurse will check you are comfortable with the procedure throughout.

  • No procedure will be carried out without a full explanation of what is involved and why it has been chosen.

What do I need to do before my appointment?

  • There is nothing you need to do before your appointment.


  • You may apply a few drops of oil to you ears the night before but in most cases this is not necessary.


  • In 99% of cases Ear Wax can be removed immediately.

How do I choose my procedure?

  • You don't need to chose a procedure.


  • Your Nurse Specialist will help you decide.

  • No procedure will be carried out without your full consent and a full explanation of what will happen.

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