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What to Expect During Your Appointment

If you have booked an appointment with us we presume it is because you have some kind of problem with your ears and believe it is earwax.


Regardless of whether your problem is ear wax or not we are here to help.

Ear Wax Removal £60 (1 or 2 ears)

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Initial Consultation

Once you have arrived and are sitting down comfortably, your specialist will ask you to describe your problems in your own words.

Don't worry about terminology, we want to know what it's like for you and how you feel. Terms like "feeling like I'm under water" are common and correct.


Once you're finished your specialist will then ask a series of questions. These help to determine if there are any contraindications (reasons why something should not be done) for any treatments.

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Ear Examination

Your specialist will conduct a detailed examination of your ears, capturing images to be emailed to you. While viewing these images is optional, they provide valuable insights into your ear health.

The examination assesses not only the presence and type of earwax but also checks for other potential ear conditions. Your specialist will review these images with you, discussing the appropriate earwax removal method based on your specific needs.

Your specialist will use either a head loupe (head mounted microscope) or a microscope to look deep inside your ear canal. If they are using the microscope you will be able to see what the clinician sees live on a tv screen or look away if you prefer, it's not for everyone.

Ear Health Check

After successfully removing the wax, your specialist will conduct a comprehensive examination of your now clear ears.. This thorough check is crucial for confirming the health and integrity of your ear canal and eardrum.

To document the condition of your ears, additional photographs will be taken. These images serve as a valuable record, allowing both you and the specialist to visually confirm the effectiveness of the treatment and the overall health of your ears. This step is part of our commitment to providing transparent and meticulous care, ensuring your complete reassurance and satisfaction with the service provided.

Ear Wax Removal £60 (1 or 2 ears)

Non-Wax Related Ear Issues & Additional Concerns

At times, the issue may extend beyond earwax, or it might not involve wax at all.

While wax removal is a key component of our service, the comprehensive Ear Health Check is equally, if not more, vital. This check helps identify a range of ear conditions that might require attention.

Our team is equipped to diagnose and recommend appropriate treatments for various ear issues. While some conditions can be managed with over-the-counter remedies, others might involve a referral to your GP or ENT specialist. Rest assured, your specialist will provide a detailed explanation during your visit.

Should self-care be recommended, you'll receive an email with all necessary instructions. We're also here to answer any questions you might have post-appointment. We encourage ongoing communication to monitor your progress and, if needed, we may invite you back for a complimentary follow-up to reassess and plan any further steps.

For issues requiring medical attention beyond our scope, we'll prepare a detailed clinical report to share with your GP or ENT, including our findings, treatment suggestions, and relevant images, ensuring a seamless continuation of your care.

4 Most Common Signs of Ear Wax

Earwax build-up can lead to various discomforts. If you're encountering any of the following, our Aural Care Specialists are ready to offer guidance and solutions.

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Hear Like a Hero

Don't suffer in silence. We often have same day appointments available and are open 7 days. Lets get you hearing again!

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