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NHS Accredited | Ear Wax Removal Specialists in Glasgow & Edinburgh

Our team of Aural Care Specialists provide wax removal for adults and children of all ages. EARS Clinics are among the few licensed clinics in Glasgow and Edinburgh, trained for ear wax removal in children. Don't suffer in silence.

Cost £60 (1 or 2 ears) Including Free Ear Health Check 

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Trusted with over 18,440 ears and with over 833 reviews on Google & Trustpilot. 

Types of Procedures We Perform

The following procedure are performed by our NHS Accredited Aural Care Specialists, who have the training and knowledge to perform them safely and effectively. We are regulated by Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) and are licensed to treat both adults and children of all ages, we are among the few clinics license to treat under 18's.

Cost £60 (1 or 2 ears) Including Free Ear Health Check

Ear Wax Removal Specialists in Glasgow & Edinburgh 

During your ear wax removal appointment, an NHS Accredited Aural Care Specialist conducts a thorough examination. They use the latest camera equipment to capture before and after images of your ear canal. Depending on your wax type, we employ microsuction, irrigation, instrumentation or a combination of these techniques for effective & safe wax removal. The session concludes with an ear health check to confirm your ears are in optimal condition. Where necessary we can liaise with your GP or ENT.

Ear Wax Removal £60 (1 or 2 ears) Including Free Ear Health Check.

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Trusted with over 18,440 ears and with over 833 reviews on Google & Trustpilot. 

EARS Clinics are among the few licensed clinics in Glasgow and Edinburgh, trained for ear wax removal in kids.

Don't suffer in silence. We often have same day appointment due to last minute cancellations.

If you are unable to attend our clinics, we can come to your home or work. 

Trained Aural Care Specialists 

EARS Clinics are NHS Accredited Aural Care Specialists, specialising in Ear Health Care and Ear Wax Removal in Glasgow & Edinburgh. Our practitioners are trained in all approved methods for wax removal, these include Microsuction, Irrigation & Instrumentation procedures.


Our lead practitioner holds the unique distinction of being the sole Accredited Trainer in Ear Health Care and Wax Removal across Scotland and Cumbria. As such, professionals in both NHS and regulated private clinics performing these procedures are ideally trained by us for the highest standards of care.

4 Most Common Signs of Ear Wax

Earwax build-up can lead to various discomforts. If you're encountering any of the following, our Aural Care Specialists are ready to offer guidance and solutions.

What our patients have to say

Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions? View FAQ Page

How much Does it cost? (Ear Wax Removal)

Our comprehensive appointment offers a holistic approach to ear health, encompassing the following services:


  • Initial Consultation: A personalized discussion to understand your symptoms and health history. During this consultation, we also take initial photographs of your ears to document their condition before any procedures

  • Ear Wax Removal (if necessary): A safe and effective procedure to remove ear wax. The best type of procedure will be selected by our NHS Accredited Practitioner and explained to you on why this is the recommended procedure.

  • Ear Health Check: Following the removal process, we conduct an examination of your both ears. This check aims to assess the overall health of your ears and identify any potential issues. To illustrate the effectiveness of the treatment, final photographs are taken to compare the before and after conditions of your ears.

  • Clinical Correspondence: Should there be a need for further medical intervention, we will draft and send the necessary clinical emails to your General practitioners (GPs), recommending a prescription or ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) specialist referral if required.


Costs: £60 (1 or 2 ears)

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us on 0141 482 7004 or email

Can I remove ear wax at home?

While various over-the-counter products and home remedies are available for ear wax removal, it's important to approach these methods with caution due to potential risks:


  • Ineffectiveness: Some over-the-counter solutions may not be effective for all types of ear wax or blockages, potentially leaving the problem unresolved.

  • Risk of Impaction: Incorrect application of home remedies or misuse of ear wax removal kits can push the wax further into the ear canal, exacerbating the blockage.

  • Potential for Ear Damage: Inexperienced handling or inappropriate tools can damage the delicate structures of the ear, leading to pain, infection, or hearing loss.

  • Alteration of Ear Canal Environment: Certain home remedies might disrupt the natural environment of the ear canal, leading to irritation or infection.


Given these risks, we strongly advise that ear wax removal should be conducted by NHS Accredited Aural Care Specialists. Our specialists are trained in safe and effective ear wax removal techniques, ensuring the procedure is performed with minimal risk and maximum comfort. Opting for professional removal by accredited specialists not only safeguards your ear health but also provides peace of mind that your ears are in expert hands.

How long does an ear wax removal appointment take?

30 Minutes,

The length of an ear wax removal appointment in our clinic is systematically structured to be around 30 minutes. This duration is to encompass several key components of your visit:


  • Initial Consultation: The appointment begins with a brief consultation to discuss your ear health history and any symptoms you're experiencing. This initial dialogue helps us tailor the procedure to your specific needs.

  • Wax Removal Process: The core of the appointment is dedicated to the actual ear wax removal, utilising safe and effective methods suited to your condition.

  • Before and After Photographs: To provide a clear understanding of the treatment's effectiveness, we capture before and after photographs of your ear drum and ear canal. These images serve as a visual record of the wax removal process and the improvement achieved.

  • Ear Health Check: Following the removal, we conduct a ear health check to ensure that all wax has been successfully cleared and to assess the overall health of your ear canals and eardrums.


While the standard appointment time is set at 30 minutes, our goal is to ensure a thorough and unhurried process, providing you with the best possible care and outcomes for your ear health. If we are unable to remove all of the wax within this appointment time, we will provide you with a complimentary follow up appointment to finish the procedure.

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Hear Like a Hero

Don't suffer in silence. We often have same day appointments available and are open 7 days. Lets get you hearing again!

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