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What is Irrigation?

 A controlled jet of warm water to gently wash the wax out from the ear canal.



Syringes are no longer used by any healthcare professionals to remove Ear Wax. Syringing has been replaced by Irrigation.

"Is it the right procedure for me?"

We never carry out any procedure before we have determined:


  • FIRSTLY if any treatment is needed.                   

  • SECONDLY which procedure is right for you.

Microsuction and Irrigation include a full outer and inner Ear Health Check with expert advice.

This is done first so the specialist can let you know which procedures are suitable for you.         


Your Nurse Specialist will guide you through a series of questions.

These will help obtain a complete picture of your past and present ear health. 

A thorough examination of your outer and inner ear will be made, using a microscope or loupe and a camera.

Pictures will be taken both before and after, which you may view if you wish. 


They will also enable your specialist to advise you on any other irregularities in your ear canal or ear drum which may be causing problems. 

These will help determine if you do have earwax which should be removed and which is the most suitable procedure.

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